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Battered Food Is Better Food

Our business model is simple. We thrive on building items that surprise and delight, while providing highly responsive customer service. We understand that restaurants and wholesale clubs have a tremendous charge to keep their concepts fresh by presenting new items, making them operationally sound, and doing it all profitably. Customers want to be more involved with the development process and quality assurance than ever before. We invite this collaboration as it results in extremely successful products and partnerships. Talk to Seascape about your ideas and you will be pleased to hear, "Yes, we can."


We collaborate with chefs to create one of a kind products


In addition to the customization of the individual products and recipes we also customize pack sizes and packaging for ease of operational execution


We have created a brand new commercial test kitchen in Southern California where we are constantly developing new products

Our highly responsive customer support team is available to assist and answer questions through all steps of the development process



We have longstanding partnerships with sustainable farms and fisheries

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