The Seascape Story

After long careers in various sectors of the food industry, Kim Schneider and Brian Dunn formed Seascape, a frozen breaded and battered seafood and vegetable supplier for restaurants and wholesale clubs nationwide. 

The partners' involvement in the food industry dates back many generations.  Kim comes from four generations of wheat farmers in Oklahoma. For five generations, beginning in Boston, Brian’s family has been deeply involved in the seafood industry. He has been processing and battering seafood since he was 16 years old. Their family history, combined with over 45 years of industry experience, organically led the two to Seascape. 

In 2007, the company began operations out of a shed at Dunn's home in Long Beach, CA. As the company grew, many years of product research and development took place in a mobile trailer.  In 2019, Seascape built an interactive commercial test kitchen in Los Alamitos, CA. 

The team focuses on partnering with restaurants and wholesale clubs because they're continually looking for innovative products. Whether the product be deep fried or oven-ready, the end goal is always to create an original product that consumers will crave.