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A Rich History

After long careers in various sectors of the food industry, Kim Schneider and Brian Dunn formed Seascape, a frozen breaded and battered seafood and vegetable supplier for restaurants, airlines, and wholesale clubs nationwide. 

The partners' involvement in the food industry dates back many generations.  Kim comes from four generations of wheat farmers in Oklahoma. For five generations, beginning in Boston, Brian’s family has been deeply involved in the seafood industry. He has been processing and battering seafood since he was 16 years old. Their family history, combined with over 45 years of industry experience, organically led the two to Seascape. 


Meet The Team

Shishito Pepper.jpg

Test Kitchen

In 2007 when Seascape Inc. was founded all research and development was conducted in a mobile food trailer. After years of growth and expansion the team was ready to expand and opened their interactive test kitchen in Los Alamitos. The space was developed with creativity and collaboration in mind and with professional restaurant equipment. Our doors are always open and we welcome you and your team to come meet and ideate with us.



In 2019 Seascape Inc. broke ground on a 25,000 sq. ft. production facility in Bellingham, WA. The plant’s core capabilities include breaded and battered seafood and vegetables. It is fitted with a complete range of equipment options and packaging solutions to handle both large and small volumes.

Meet The Team


Brian Dunn



Kim Schneider



Katie Sutton

Executive Chef


Lisa Fast

Business Development Manager


Victor Lazarus

Director of QA


Eugene Anderson

Director of Production & Special Projects


Janna Musick

Logistics Manager

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